Phoenix Podiatry


Toenails must be taken care of on a regular basis.

Overgrown toenails can cause permanent deformity to the nail, injury to the skin or become infected with fungal or bacterial infection. If you feel your toenails touching the front


of your shoes or you feel them touching the ground, it is time to trim your toenails. We can offer regular care to everybody who needs help with toenails care.  If you do not feel confident about taking care of your feet, book your appointment with us.  We are happy to look after you.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can occur at any stage of your life for

various reasons, so it is important to identify the issue

to reduce the risk  of re-occurrence. It is also important


to remove the offensive part of the nail; otherwise it is very unlikely to heal.  We use our nail clippers and scalpel blade to remove the spicule. Normally we do not use local anaesthetics and the pain level is varied, depending on the stage of the ingrown toenail. So please do not delay to have your nails trimed if you start to feel pressure near the side of your nail, book you appointment so we can help before it will get any worse.

Phoenix Podiatry also offers toenail surgery for stubborn and painful cases. It is a procedure that can permanently stop the growth of the offensive parts of your nails. The surgery has a high success rate with the minimal disruption to your routine. Most patients report relief after having many years of suffering with pain from ingrown toenail.


Not all discoloured or thick toenails mean that you have a fungal infection in your toenail.  There are numerous reasons for toenails to lose its healthy appearance. It also can take up to one year to treat onychomycosis, which can be a huge and costly effort.  That is whyit is a good idea to seek our podiatrists’ advice before you commence the treatment. We are dealing with it on a daily basis and most often can advise you if it is a fungus or not.  It is also important to keep toenail filed and trimmed to improve the outcome of treatment - the less infected tissue the better result. We can advise on the best treatment options suitable for you and help you to manage your treatment.