Phoenix Podiatry

Callous is normally formed to protect your underlying

anatomical structures from extra pressure and friction. Our skin tends to produce “the padding” to provide cushioning and protection for the parts of your feet and 


hands that have to deal with extra load. So it is normal to have some hard skin or callous on your feet. However callous can cause a number of issues, such as pain, fissures and ulcers. We can safely remove extra build up on your skin with a sterile scalpel blade, which is normally pain free procedure.We always look into the underlying biomechanical issues as well and advise on how we can redistribute pressure more evenly under your feet, which should help not only with your callous issues but also to protect your joints.


Corns or helomas occur due to similar reason as callous and it is more focal points of pressure. Most often it can be found around the toes and forefoot.  Corns can be painful and if not taken care of they can become infected or cause an ulcer.

Corns have a carrot shaped root that cause pressure on nerves and that is where pain coming from. We can carefully remove most of the root and overlying callous with scalpel blades with only minimal discomfort. Our treatment normally provides an immediate relieve. We can also advise what can be done to minimise the risk of re-occurrence.

Fissured skin and cracked heels

Cracked heels are caused by cracking or splitting of the skin. This splitting may be due to dryness or thickening of the skin (callous) that cracks and breaks under pressure while you walk or stand.  Apart from the actual treatment, which includes skin filing and callous debridement with the scalpel (if needed); we can also provide you with information on what type of long-term care your skin is required.  We also look into more serious reasons as to why your skin might by dry and cracking, such as dermititis, fungal infection, psoriasis or diabetes ect.


Warts are the result of viral infection and around half of them would disappear on their own.  If your wart is painful, growing in size or persists for more than a year, you should seek assistance.   We are offering a wide range of treatments optons, including natural therapy, which can work 
within two treatment procedures and leave no scars.